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Israel deploys rocket defense amid threats

Author: APWed, 2017-11-15 21:14ID: 1510679308944885900

JERUSALEM: Israel’s military said it deployed a rocket defense system to the center of the country amid threats by Gaza militants.
It said on Tuesday that an Iron Dome battery was deployed, without elaborating. The system defends against short-range rockets, and intercepted hundreds of projectiles fired by Palestinian militants during the 2014 Gaza war.
The move follows a warning by Israel’s prime minister and military to Gaza militants against attacks.
Islamic Jihad, an Iran-backed militant group in Gaza, has vowed revenge for the demolition of one of its attack tunnels last month that crossed into Israel.
It was a rare flare-up along the tense border, which has remained mostly quiet since the 2014 Israel-Hamas war.
During the fighting, Gaza gunmen on several occasions infiltrated Israel through a tunnel network.
Probe into drone company
Israeli police have opened an investigation into an Israeli drone company regarding its dealings with a “significant client.”
Police did not elaborate in their statement about Yavne-based Aeronautics Ltd. on Tuesday and said a gag order had been imposed on the case.
Earlier this year, the Defense Ministry suspended some of Aeronautics Ltd.’s export licenses to one of its clients abroad. Israeli media identified the client as Azerbaijan.
Reports at the time said the move came following a complaint that one of the drones, armed with explosives, landed near a military post in neighboring Armenia during a demonstration. The “suicide” or Kamikaze drones carry explosives and are designed to dive into their targets.
Aeronautics Ltd. said it will fully cooperate with police and hope the investigation will be swift.

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